Want a Stellar Resume? Here are some tips....

  • Sep 28, 2016
  • Mary Whitaker
  • Resume tips

Want a Stellar Resume?

The purpose of a resume is to prove you can do the job.   Below are some tips to help you write a stellar resume.

  1. For each job posting requires specific wording and use of keywords on your resume which may mean a total rewrite or edits to your current resume
  2. Use a Profile statement or a Career Mission Statement not only an objective
  3. Use industry terminology not just the abbreviations or acronyms
  4. State specific work results, accomplishments or learned outcomes
  5. Include relevant information relating to the specific job posting
  6. Be concise with your information
  7. Include dates in particular when education degrees were achieved and work history
  8. Use fonts that are easily to read nothing fancy stick with Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman no script font 
  9. Choose a resume style that highlights your experience, length can be up to 3 pages depending on your work and volunteer experience, education, and professional development, think about the layout and where you want to put important information
  10. Use correct grammar and proofread your document
It is crucial that your resume passes all stages of the selection process so make it count by writing a stellar resume that includes relevant and sufficient information in a concise professional manner. Get the green check mark on your resume  and be invited to an interview.

Mary Whitaker is the Founder and Career Coach at Rite Careers.  Mary has been providing career coaching services for 14 years assisting many individuals including new graduates, New Canadians and job changers to successfully find their next job in their career development to match their career goals.  Visit her website at www.ritecareer.ca